Homepages and landing pages make so many mistakes that kill their conversion rates.

Think about your customer first – their comfort levels when interacting with your content, with your brand’s face is extremely important.

Some phrases just have a killing power, when it comes to the content effectiveness.

Surprisingly they are used widely in many websites.

What does request the quote mean for your customer? Next step. Next time-consuming step. The step which will finally require another step – signing in and checking email. And when a customer sees that phrase on your page, they most likely try to avoid that button.

Guess what? Your customers don’t want to take more steps. Their heads are already exploding from problems and lack of time. They are searching for a simple solution.

In all senses at all stages of the buying process. Your job is to give them clarity about your offer, value, and pricing. And don’t start even thinking – it depends on so many factors in my industry…

Great! For that, you have interactive calculators!

Other reasons why you need to get interactive content on your website today

One phrase and avoiding it on your site is not the main reason why you need interactive content. We have some excellent news.

Think about these engagement metrics that boost your sales:

  1. Longer time on website sends a message to a search engine that your page is valuable. Time spent on the website is a strong SEO factor.
  2. Educating power. When visitors interact with content, they are more focused and process information much better. That way affinity with your brand develops.
  3. Quizzes have an 80% completion rate. You can be sure you will get the data and answers that you want, and you will attract.
  4. Added and well-expressed Instantly. Because of personalized answers & recommendations, calculators and quizzes create gratification. Customized offer using interactive content is quicker for your customers if compared to request a quote button or chat with an online agent. Such experience adds value to your service, and brand overall.

“68% of customers who ‘leave’ brands do so because they feel the brand was indifferent toward them.” Nobody feels the lack of attention when playing with a calculator that personalizes offer for them within seconds, do they?


  1. Business loves ever-green content and content that has recycling opportunities, simply because of the resources that take to produce engaging content. 79% of marketers agree interactive content has reusable value, resulting in repeat visitors and multiple exposures (Business2Community).
  2. Finally…conversions. According to Demand Metric, interactive content drives twice as many conversions as static content, converting 70% of the time, compared to 36% for passive content.

Who could ignore the above statistics? We can only hope that it’s not You.

What do experts say about using interactive content?

Keegan Brown from Vertical Measures says:  we have seen amazing results including a 130% increase in conversion rate for completing the quiz.

Sam Hurley, Founder of Optim-Eyez and one of the TOP 100 Marketing Influencers in 2017, we increased client phone call revenue by 87% in the space of one year.

Which sectors wins from interactive content?

All sectors.  Both B2C and B2B.  We have news for you – B2B get enough white papers; they need triggers.  DemandGen in 2016 found 91% of B2B buyers want brands to offer more interactive and visual content.

What tools are the best for the interactive content?

The truth is that you don’t have to spend millions (and even thousands) on interactive content production.

Today there are tools that allow acting fast and without any technical help setup engaging and most importantly helpful interactive content on your website.

Outgrow is a fantastic tool that has so many features and perfectly serves the goal of including more interactive content for your business goals.

Red Cappi team loves the beautiful interface that Outgrow team has created.

Moreover, you can integrate Outgrow with many apps using Zapier.


How long does it take to make interactive content and make a funnel with email campaign?

Red Cappi has impressive news again. It takes less time if you use easy to use tools without a learning curve. So time depends on your choice of tools. The reason that our team worked so hard is that we appreciate your time and want you to achieve results fast.

Red Cappi is simple because it integrates on Zapier and you can connect it to your interactive content tool such as OutGrow and send automated emails campaign for your hot leads.

There is no reason anymore not to try interactive content when benefits and tools are all known to You.

Red Cappi is always happy to share ideas and tactics to boost your sales!