So in the last couple years, it’s safe to say that email marketing has really become a staple in nearly every business prototype’s marketing arsenal, averaging over $40 for every dollar spent, according to the Direct Marketing Association’s “Power of Direct” study. Therefore, taking the time to understand and create better emails will translate into better results for your business.

To create better emails that translate, consider tangible content your customers can relate to and affirming an air of believability. Let’s take a closer look at these two aspects of email design in understanding the schematics behind any successful email communication to drive results.

How do you create tangible content?

How to create tangible content is the true million dollar question. It is deciphering the secret code to grow your email list and the golden key to unlock your success. You want to be attentive to your customer interests and needs, and this comes from understanding their engagement patterns and which campaigns they were most responsive to. Designing content also is considerate of the happenings in any given month, whether those may be seasonal needs, holiday ideas or simply general considerations, such as how it may apply to your specific user. You can really strengthen your campaign by including visual images and aesthetics to compliment your written content, making it truly come to life and drive your point home. Pictures and images make what you are describing more real and in a way summarize a quick skim of your content, so that your very busy subscriber will understand in just a couple quick seconds what is in it for them.

How do you affirm believability?

Let your customers do the talking! Word of mouth recommendations speak volumes, as time-tested and user-approved. Your past users generally have no incentives to endorse your product or services, other than to relay their satisfaction with you and your product or services. So keeping customers enticed with your email campaigns is a self fulfilling prophecy of sorts. Feed the hand that feeds you, so to say! You can easily convey a true sense of concrete customer satisfaction by way of testimonials. Showcase these testimonials with caps and italics and place them within your email campaign in a special position, well visible and relating to your spoken content.

Happy email marketing… Cheers!