Email marketing is one of the most common forms of digital marketing out there today. While the mail might be digital, though, marketers are asking the same questions they did during the days when physical mailers were the weapon of choice; how do we keep our message out of the garbage?

If you’re looking to avoid the spam folder, then here are three things you need to make sure your email marketing is doing.

#1: Personalize Your Messages

If you have a huge email list, then your first urge might be to just shotgun out the same message to every name and address you’ve got… but according to Forbes you might be shooting yourself in the foot. Instead, segment your list, and add personal touches to your messages. This will endear you to your customers, since they like knowing you see them as people, and not just as faceless numbers to be marketed at.

#2: Minimize Your Use of Images

There is an urge when sending out the newest round of emails to make them look more like print media marketing materials. However, it’s entirely possible because of security protocols, the device someone is using, and other factors that the images you’re putting in aren’t going to be seen. So follow Comm 100‘s advice, and just forego images where you can. Get to the point, and you’ll have happier customers overall.

#3: Be Useful

People will look forward to your emails if they get something out of reading them, as Copyblogger points out. So ask yourself what your list is getting when they open your message. Do you give them coupons? Early access to new items? Updates on your product list? A list of 5 life hacks they can use online? Make sure you’re giving your readers something they can use if you want them to be happy readers.

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