API Integration

With the RedCappi API, you can integrate your existing website with RedCappi easier than ever before.

We are excited to provide our customers with access to RedCappi web API, which will allow your apps to collaborate with RedCappi for better and easier contacts management.

Getting Started

There is an Interactive API Documentation and Sandbox for developers which allow interacting with RedCappi API and seeing how the API responds to different commands and parameters.

This requires authentication using public and private keys from your RedCappi account. It allows you to make real calls on your account.

For more in depth information regarding the API, visit the RedCappi API Information page.


Authentication using your key is required for every API call. We are supporting HTTP Authentication using API Keys.

You can generate/re-generate your API public and private keys from the “Extra” Menu when logged into your RedCappi account. These keys should be used for authenticating your API calls.

API Resources

List Management

  • Get List(s)
  • Add List
  • Modify List
  • Delete List

Contact Management

  • Get Contact(s)
  • Add Contact
  • Modify Contact
  • Delete Contact