The Genius Trifecta

The latest NBC4 network’s online contest is seriously worth taking a closer look at for its genius in design with the perfect trifecta, combining the attention grabbing relevance of the Olympics with targeted appeal to subscriber needs, powered by the reach of email marketing and social media. Understanding the deeper dynamics of their promotion will give email marketers across the lines better understanding and a concrete example or outline, if you will, on how to create their own unique email promotions that stir tremendous buzz and drive customers to your business and brand.

NBC4 designed their promotion to help pay one lucky winner’s mortgage up to $40,000. Being in the now, the contest winner was scheduled to be announced right after the Closing Ceremony for the 2012 London Olympics. This way, NBC4 was riding on the coattails of the games and using the momentum of the ceremony to furnish its own publicity. NBC4 understands its subscribership and the overall slow economic recovery enveloping the nation and devised a contest to instruct economic relief to Southern Californians struggling to pay their mortgages.

The smartest part about the entire promotion was the instructions on how to enter. They extended the reach of their trade name by optimizing the grand platform of social media and email marketing, by asking users to “like” them on Facebook and complete an entry form, and to independently also spread the word about the contest via email so they can enter as well. If this doesn’t say genius free email marketing, I don’t know what does.