Whether you run a flower shop, nail salon, restaurant, real estate agency or any other offline business, you CAN benefit heavily by implementing email marketing into your overall marketing efforts.

If you already have a list of email contacts, than great, you’ve already begin the process and can get going in no time. If you don’t however, no worries, you can start collecting email addresses today, as soon as you finish reading this blog, in fact!

There’s an endless amount of ways for you to stack up email contacts and it is up to you to be saavy and collect potential customer info at every point of contact. Some great places to ask for email contact information are:

a. At the cash register. You can have a “Signup up to our email list” where your customer writes down their email address requesting to be added to your email list. Another point of exchange is by asking that your cashiers to collect customer contact information (You can even setup contests among employees, rewarding those who collect the most valid customer email addresses.)

b. At any point of interaction via printed comment cards (anywhere within your location or store front) or just plain “Signup to our email list” cards (often included within the receipt or bill)

c.  Trade Shows are also a great place to collect a large volume of email addresses for future follow-up and confirmation of their wanting to receive email communications from you,

You can start adding contacts collected into a spreadsheet and then upload them into a  system like RedCappi. 

Keep in mind to always make sure that all potential customers know who you are and that you have their permission to add them to your email list before sending them any email communications.