email marketing relevance

1. Revolve Around a Goal: Designing email campaigns revolving around a centralized goal is vital to creating effective cohesive campaigns that can enhance your business into becoming more professional. Email newsletters and regular promotions bearing an air of familiarity, thread different communications together to transform your simple small business into a real brand!

2. Write Well: Think about it. Your written content represents you and is at the forefront of your email campaigns, so be mindful of everything from spelling and punctuation to style. A little trick is to also write from differing perspectives with different template headers, sometimes speaking directly to your readers and other times in a more conversational medium. This keeps it ever-changing and less monotonous, but always chalk full of great info.

3. Mix It Up: Always sustain the momentum by creating amazing email content, writing about fresh new topics, introducing new items, inviting dialogue and offering different modes of promotions. When email marketers and small businesses get stuck sending the same style of messages, recipients on your email list may become bored and no longer wish to receive emails from you.

4. Relevancy Counts: In our last Blog, we discussed the importance of relevant content… it works in keeping your subscribers interested in your email promotions and newsletters and reduces the percentage of unsubscribes.

5. Expand Your Horizons: By now, Facebook and Twitter have become household names, and using these types of social media tools can expand the reach of your newsletters, promotions and email communications to a more widespread audience. Email Marketing Software systems make it easy to coordinate posting email campaigns and newsletters on multiple social media networks. The key to successful email marketing is to continue growing your email contact lists and the expansive reach of social media networks affords the perfect platform to gain new fans and followers.

6. Use the Stats: It’s Not There for Fun: Email Marketing companies are making email campaign statistics simpler and more accessible, so that you can manage your campaign results and see what specific content worked and what didn’t. So don’t be afraid to actually use the stats… they’re there to help you learn how to tweak future promotions as a way to optimize your email marketing efforts and return on investment.