Most small and medium enterprises struggle to survive or grow in the highly competitive global market. Email marketing can help foster better customer relationships and transform leads into customer purchases. Every $1 spent on email marketing generates $42 in revenue for businesses. This means that small and medium enterprises can use email marketing to expand their small businesses simply and cost-effectively.

To launch a successful campaign, follow these 6 guidelines:

1. Save Time with Email Marketing Automation Software

Email marketing software is one of the most efficient and cost-effective tools to stay in touch with your customers. Sending the right email to the right customer is what makes automated email sending software one of the best email marketing strategy. Redcappi helps you write emails and send different campaigns to the segmented audience using the A/B test setup feature, allowing you to see which message works best before sending it to the audience. Sign up today for a free trial, or visit our website to know more about Redcappi’s free email marketing solution.

2. Use Double Opt-in

Double opt-in uses a dual confirmation method to ensure your customer does not see the email as spam. When the customer fills the form to subscribe, an email is sent to their email addresses with a link or button to confirm the subscription. The double opt-in method reduces the number of accidental subscriptions and also validates your customer’s email address.

3. Focus on Problem Solution Instead of Features

Customers may not pay much attention to what you are offering; they just want to know how your services can benefit them. For this purpose, it’s always best to concentrate on a specific problem and how your services can help the customer address it. If the crux of your email is clearly stated in the subject line, odds are they will want to read more.

4. Always Include a Call to Action

When you have a catchy title and engaging email content that engages the customer’s attention, the next step is to redirect them to your website through the call to action (CTA) links or buttons. Whether it’s reminding them about an item they left in their cart, a flash sale coming up, or a new product they might be interested in, include a call to action as a direct request.
Email Campaign Management Software

5. Create Mobile-Friendly Email Marketing Campaigns

People around the world use mobile more often than laptops or PCs. Always create email marketing campaigns that are mobile-friendly. With Redcappi, you can be sure that your email marketing campaign is always mobile-friendly.

6. Use Autoresponders Feature in Redcappi

The autoresponders feature in Redcappi’s email marketing software saves businesses time and effort by setting up different formats of emails in advance and creating schedules to send a series of emails to your contact list automatically. You can also automate the entire email customer email journey through the Redcappi autoresponders feature for new customers separately and schedule their emails with minimal effort.

RedCappi’s free email marketing software and email automation services allow SMEs to increase reach and boost revenues. You can watch the demo to check out the features of our email marketing software or sign up today to enjoy free services.

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