Many businesses today are losing customers to the lack of follow up because they struggle to organically grow their email contact list. Direct marketing to a greater audience of supporters is just a click away, and RedCappi is here to help!

5 Ways To Organically Grow Your Email Contacts

1. Coupon Offer

Offer your visitor a coupon when they register their email address. This acquisition is effective in person and online. You gain future direct access to the customer, offering other sales and products they otherwise may not have known about.  

2. Contact Us 

List your email address as the main, or sole point of contact in order to get direct messages in your inbox. An email link on your company’s website would be the best way to ensure accuracy with email replies.

3. Message Recording 

Does your business number have a voicemail or “hold music” recording? Share the company email, and more customers will contact you in half the time. Customers appreciate the quick alternative of typing out their question or feedback. 

4. E-Receipts 

For the eco-friendly customer the paperless receipt is the only way. Get the curb appeal and the consumers at your fingertips. Personalizing your next offer with an already engaged customer. 

5. Sign In

Whether you have a store front, or an online business add a sign in option at the entrance. Websites commonly use this tactic as a pop-up prompting the visitor to enter their email address prior to navigating the site.

Access to customers directly on their mobile devices gives your company more opportunity for more growth and revenue with the demand for your product and services. Contact the RedCappi team today to learn more on how to turn your email contact list into big bucks!  contact us