If email marketing is part of your business plan, you’ve probably heard “The money is in the list” before. There is a key component required to make this statement true—the money is in an engaged list. You see, a large list of subscribers who are not interested in what you’re offering is not much better than having no list at all.

One of the best ways to generate a list of engaged subscribers who value the information you provide and are interested in what you have to offer is by growing your list organically.

Here are 5 ways you can grow your list organically:

#1 – Offer an enticing opt-in incentive

As consumers have become more aware of exchanging their email addresses for valuable information, they are demanding higher quality information. For a lot of consumers, a single-page piece of content that doesn’t provide information that is immediately actionable doesn’t have much of an allure. Make your opt-in pieces sizzle so potential subscribers know you’ve got the goods they want and are someone they want to regularly receive information from.

#2 – Let user activity trigger your email lightbox

Email lightboxes (the form that pops up inviting website visitors to sign up for your list) have become an essential tool for growing email marketing lists. It can be off-putting when the box pops up within seconds of a user landing on your website because the visitor may not yet know if they want to give you their information. Many users report they will immediately leave a website if they are asked to give their information too soon. 

Use a lightbox that allows you to have it appear based on user action. By setting your forms to appear based on how the user engages with your site, you will get higher-quality subscribers who look forward to receiving your messages.

Make sure your opt-in copy is as clear as possible. A confused mind does not make any decisions, If readers cannot easily figure out what is required to join your list, they won’t do it.

#3 – Add a call to action to your YouTube page

YouTube has become a key tool for many people searching for information. By adding an invitation to sign up for your email list, you will attract people who are interested in your message and receiving communication from you. 

#4 – Use Facebook’s call to action button

Facebook call to action buttons can be used on your business page to direct users to sign up for your list. With it becoming more difficult to get visibility with your social media posts, this is another avenue you can use to capture leads and continue the conversation on more favorable terms.

#5 – Offer bonus content at the end of your blog for people who sign up

Readers who get to the end of a blog post are engaged and are more likely to sign up than someone who lands on your home page. By adding bonus content at the end of your popular blog posts, you have another opportunity to capture prospects info.


Success is not just about building a list—it’s about building a list you can develop a relationship with. Use these tips to grow your list, provide valuable relevant content, and watch prospects turn into clients one email at a time. For more useful tips or information about how we can help you achieve your goals with email marketing, please contact us.