Participating in trade shows is a great way to grow your business and your email list. While the costs involved can be significant, the investment is more likely to pay off if you think strategically about your top priorities and how to achieve them. If you’re trying to grow your email list organically, here are 5 methods you may want to try at your next exposition.

Product demonstrations:

Trade shows are an ideal forum for activities that work best face to face. If you have an exciting new product or service, you can use your booth to demo it to your target audience, and collect valuable feedback and leads. Ask people to sign up with their email, and offer a special code that will qualify them for a discount or premium if they make a subsequent purchase.

Contests, games and giveaways:

While some people may just be attracted to the free fun, you can increase the quality of leads by keeping your promotion closely connected to your core business. You can also reach a wider audience by giving participants incentives to share and promote your contest.


Most trade show attendees have a busy schedule so you’re competing for their time. By advertising an interesting upcoming webinar, you can encourage them to give you their email as they sign up for something they can do after they return home.

Convenient scanning:

Speed up the process and avoid illegible handwriting. Use an app that will scan badges and business cards. You can also create a pre-event landing page where attendees can enter their email before they arrive.

Trained staff:

Invest in your employees so they’ll be skilled and motivated to collect leads and learn more about your customers. Emphasize the importance of following up promptly and using appropriate segmentation and personalization.

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