Are your emails ending up in spam? This often happens because of mistakes that you make when sending your emails. Here are five email marketing tips to help you avoid having your emails ending up in spam.

Don’t Let Them Forget You

If people get emails from you and they don’t remember who you are, they are more likely to mark them as spam. To avoid this, don’t go for a long period of time without sending any emails. If you did, resume your mailings with a reminder email about who you are and why you were gone for so long. Another way to make sure people remember you is to include some branding in each email, a signature at the bottom, or a picture of you in the avatar box.

Import With Care

When importing your old list to your new email marketing service, make sure you do not import people who have unsubscribed or email accounts that have bounced. This is a common mistake that can easily be avoided.

Ask Them to Whitelist

Ask your subscribers to whitelist your account when they sign up so that they see your emails. Also, ask them to drag your emails from the promotions tab to the inbox tab. If enough people do this, Gmail may start sending all of your emails straight to the inbox.

Improve Open Rates

Among other metrics, Gmail and other providers look at your open rates when determining whether your email should go to spam. If you have extremely low open rates, try to boost them by changing your headlines, sending times, and content.

Cut Down On Attachments

Cut down on links, attachments, large images, and promotional messaging. The more of them you have, the more likely your emails are to end up in spam or promotions.

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