1. Use Urgency to Nudge a Sale
Many websites with online order products, like Shutterfly, are tactfully skilled in designing email marketing campaigns that use a countdown tool with a definite end date, to add clout to acting quickly so as to take advantage of an exclusive time-sensitive deal. Here, we see a perfect example of how Shutterfly gently urges its subscribers to order products they already probably want in order to benefit from an early-holiday promotion. These types of email offers really seem to work, because the sense of urgency helps create an air of there being a real value to acting now.

2. Communicate System Changes
Giggles & Hugs preempts waiting for customers to actually come into their location before being handed revised menus with new items, by communicating such routine changes in a fun and colorful little email. The goal is twofold. Customers will have the opportunity to get excited about new items and hopefully enticed into making a repeat visit with the kids to try some new bits and pieces, while not wasting precious time in-store reviewing the same. Your customers will appreciate these types of system updates, because it puts them in the know and helps them budget their time and energy more efficiency. You may also email changes regarding special operating hours (i.e. holidays, long-weekend, etc.), terms of service changes, coverage changes, system maintenance messages, new items & staff members, etc.

3. Invite Customers to Make a Statement
Recently, GAP devised a really creative email campaign, wherein they invited their customers to come in and purchase clothing items in colors from the new fall line to line up with their political viewpoints. This campaign shows GAP as a company to be not only current, up to date with the current political ongoings, with an all encompassing platform inviting its customers to display their own identities in making a particular statement. They help their fans put their own stamp on things, with a cool email campaign to match.

4. Promote a Specialty Referral Program
It’s not always a standard refer a friend and get something in return. Many companies are now devising their own specialty referral programs to create a community within a community stirring repeat business among the locals. Recently Susie’s Cakes devised a Smart Cookies program rewarding local grade school students with treats for good grades and an opportunity to win cupcakes for their entire class. This program works because it is a real world scenario with tangible rewards that kids love and respond well to. Often times, the most important marketing tool is simply to get your clients EXCITED about your product and trust them to do the rest of the marketing for you.

5. Advance Preferred Perks
Appreciating your existing clientele with special perks like special hours, drinks and appetizers, exclusive deals and savings, has proven to be invaluable, because while you are creating opportunities for sales, you are also pampering those valued tried and true customers to guarantee their return again and again. You are making a brand and a following for yourself. Naartjie is a unique children’s clothing line with a fantastic email marketing strategy, wherein they invite Naartjie moms a first look at items from the new seasonal collection and additional exclusive discount, before the store opens for routine business to the general public.