Some people think, with the explosion of social media marketing and its great potential going forward, email marketing is in decline as a viable marketing tool. But the truth is, both should have a seat at the table as you formulate your overall marketing strategy. Here are 5 email marketing trends predicted to take off in 2017:

Meaningful Brand Experience

This has long been a stalwart of social media marketing. It’s an effective tool, and people have come to expect it there. By creating meaningful brand experiences with your email marketing, you’ll create an atmosphere that leads to further engagement in the future.

Responsive Email Design

Responsive design refers to website design that is viewable on any size device. The logic is, people use all kinds of devices to access the internet, so websites should be designed for easy viewing regardless of what device a visitor is using. With more people viewing email on mobile devices, that same principle should also apply to reading emails. In 2017, it will.

Kinetic Tools

To really stand out from the crowd and improve engagement and click-through rates, more marketers will incorporate video and other creative visuals into their email campaigns.

Simplified Design and Editing

Often, email marketing trends focus primarily on improving the reader experience, but sometimes they benefit the creator of the emails. In 2017, creating effective email marketing campaigns will be easier, thanks to a variety of user-friendly email templates on the market. In addition to that, the many drag-and-drop email design tools make HTML coding knowledge unnecessary for designed attractive, reader-friendly emails.

Optimized Send Times

Since different audiences open and read emails on different days of the week and at different times of day, more thought will go into determining the best time to send out campaigns. With that will come more precise scheduling tools to ensure that the right recipients receive the right email at the best time on the best day.

Whether you handle you own email marketing or you let a professional firm handle it, following these trends will help you stay  competitive in 2017. To learn more, contact us today. We also invite you to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.
Source: RedCappi Blog