Email marketing is a proven method for reaching your prospects and customers. With not a ton of cost involved, you can craft exciting, graphically interesting emails that pique your prospects and customers interest. One challenge that all email marketers face is list decay and low open rates. To keep your list as clean as possible and to keep your engagement rates up, it is important to grow your email list organically. 

1. Add a Light Box Sign Up on your Website

Prospects that are on your website are there for a reason–they have an interest in your company. With a light box sign up, prospects can choose to provide their email address to you for the express purpose of receiving more information. They are essentially giving you the green light to email them. It’s an easy way to organically receive email addresses.


2. Use CTAs on EVERY Blog Post

CTAs are a must on each and every blog post. Why? Because if someone likes the content they are reading they will inevitably want to hear more. Ask them to sign up to receive email updates and you are adding a good lead into your email list. 


3. Use Your Social Network

A great market to tap to add to your email list organically is your social network. If they follow you and are engaged on your social channels, they may be a great addition to your email list. Facebook offers easy email sign up tools. Leave your followers wanting more–at the end of a really great post have an exciting CTA that makes them want to sign on to your email list. 

4. Leverage Your Current Email List

An easy way to grow your email list organically is to have “share” and “forward” buttons on the emails you send current subscribers. Encourage your list to share content to their friends. This is a simple and easy way to grow your email list organically.

Gone are the days of paying for email lists–they rarely gain you anything but a high spam and opt out rate. Instead, work to grow your email list organically, which will result in higher open rates, and more sales. Contact us for all your email marketing needs.