1) Target: As you get on your way to stacking up more and more contacts and growing your email marketing lists, it is important to keep list segmentation in mind. Email lists may be segmented based on commonalities between certain contacts that makes sending targeted email campaigns speak more to the recipient. It is not always wise to send every campaign to your entire contact list, because you might be sending irrelevant content to some members of your list, taking up valuable inbox space and risking getting unsubscribed. But by targeting certain contacts to receive more specific emails from you, you will achieve the best email marketing results and unleash the full rewards that segmentation makes possible. 

2) Schedule Smartly: The beauty of DIY email marketing tools is that you are the designer. And you can step things up a notch. You don’t always have to send single email campaigns, but you can create beautiful strategic email campaigns and email newsletters to send out in multi-parts, to make each email message very specific. Your recipients will get appropriate email guides and promotions respective of their stage in the game, whether they are learning how to do something or purchasing a product or service, decreasing your chances of getting marked as SPAM. And it goes without saying that getting relevant, timely messages straight to the inboxes of those who are looking forward to hearing from you makes you not only seem organized, but shows that you care about the details and about them.  

3) Regularity in Sending Frequency: One of the secrets to growing your contacts lists and diverting complaints and unsubscribes is to send email campaigns with some regularity. For some, this may mean a single monthly promotion, followed by an month-in-review newsletter, and for others, this may mean weekly email specials. Whatever your style, make sure to keep it up. Your recipients will be less likely to unsubscribe when they expect to get an email promotion from you and better yet, actually look forward to it!

4) The “VIP” Feelin’: Email Marketing is the easiest and most effortless way to make your customers feel like VIP’s by sending them EXCLUSIVE email offers that are not readily available to non-subscribers and the open public. Making customers feel special is a powerful marketing dynamic that makes subscribers trust you and in turn, to trust that they are getting a great deal. This symbiotic relationship is the ultimate email marketing vessel to reach maximum results and avoid complaints and unsubscribes.