Email segmentation is a powerful technique for your digital strategy. According to Hubspot, segmented and targeted emails generate 58% of all revenue. That’s more than half of revenue driving from one source.

You see, email segmentation allows you to send personalized emails that truly resonate with the recipient. Opposed to a general email for the masses, you can speak directly to the interest and needs of your lead. You’ll achieve greater results (i.e. engagement, click-throughs, etc.) and better your overall email strategy.

So if you’re not leveraging segmentation in your email marketing, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. A good place to start is by categorizing your leads by gender, location, and age group (each of these are separate lists).

But if you’re already using this approach, here are four more categories that will help you better connect and engage your leads.

#1 Preferred/Loyal Customers

Your loyal customers should be rewarded. Those who keep coming back to your business are likely to promote you to their family and friends. In fact, Zendesk reports that 87% of customers share good experiences with others. Thank your repeat buyers by giving them exclusive promotions and deals they’ll love.

#2 Buyer Personas

We can agree that each of your buyer personas has different needs and wants. So, they’ll require different email content for optimal engagement. How you communicate with one persona may not necessarily connect with another. By segmenting your buyer personas, you’ll remain super effective in your email marketing because your message is targeting that specific user.

#3 Content Interest

Different content types and topics appeal to different people. It’s important to give your recipients more of what they want if they prefer a specific content type. While some may like to read your blog post, others may opt for video or an infographic. Therefore, keep in mind your subscriber’s behavior when engaging with your content and segment them accordingly.

#4 Purchase Decision

More than likely, you have products or services that complement one another. So every purchase provides an opportunity to upsell to create even better experiences and results for your customers. By segmenting your customers based on the products they’ve ordered, you can share helpful information so they create optimal success from their purchase and keep them in the know on how other products you have can benefit them towards their goals.


Email segmentation positions you to win in 2018! Use these categories to segmenting your list to create better results in your email marketing. Your recipients will appreciate the targeted messages and your business revenue will grow as a result.

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