People write emails for lots of different reasons. Some are personal. Some are for business. No matter what the purpose of your email, you have the exact same goal…

…to get it opened. 

The key to writing emails that people open is to craft a good subject line. In this post, we’ll talk about four keys to a great subject line that will get your emails opened. 

Keep it Short

Your readers’ attention spans are most likely short, so keep your subject short. The quicker your headline gets to the point, the better. You want to include as much information as they need without going overboard. No more, no less. 

Avoid Passive Voice

Keep it active and sounding more lively. Avoid linking verbs. 

Grab Their Attention 

You want to go for a little bit of shock value here. Say something that gives your reader the information they need to know what they’re reading. At the same time, you want to make sure they read it. Asking questions is a powerful device that captures readers’ interest. 

You don’t want to say anything too controversial at the risk of turning off your desired reader. You don’t want to be overly funny or goofy. You just want to make your reader think a little bit. Writing something that gives your reader pause or makes them wonder, “What could be on the other end of this?” is a surefire way to get your emails opened. 

Keywords Up Front and in the Back

Whatever your keyword or main phrase is, keep it within the first or last three words of the subject line. This is where the attention of most people will focus. 

If you’re having trouble crafting email subject lines that get opens, Redcappi can help. For more tips on email marketing and improving deliverability, contact us today!