We’ve identified 4 common website mistakes that may be affecting your business negatively and ways to correct them for noticeable conversion development.


One common mistake websites seem to get caught up in is jam-packing their web pages with way too much information- this can really hurt! When website users are faced with detail after detail, they may become overwhelmed and not know what to do with all that information overloading their senses.

  • Keeping in mind the notion that a website is supposed to intrigue a user into continuing to explore it and facilitate their navigational journey is important. Successful websites essentially walk users through their pages and present information that is easily attainable and understandable in a non-overwhelming approach.
  • You may try making use of page tabs and different pages, as well as, links to other pages with information, so that not everything is presented all at once and all together. This approach also helps to keep the most general ideas at the forefront, while providing a roadmap of what to click on if they wish to learn more.
  • When your users are actually able to find the information they need in an organized non-intimidating fashion, you will see improvement to your conversion rates seemingly by having delivered the correct information into the hands of those seeking it.


A messy design is an easy mistake to fall victim of, because it can steer your users in a wrong direction and create a negative impression if it’s not in keeping with your brand’s culture.

  • To evaluate, take a step back and evaluate your choice of design elements worked into your existing website. If there is no uniformity in color, you will need to correct that so that it better represents your brand identity and company culture. Incorporate your logo colors into navigational bars and button color choices. In keeping with tips on color choices, try limiting your design to a few key color choices and play within the rungs of these shades on the color wheel.
  • Streamline buttons and use simple legible fonts to alleviate user confusion and translate into smoother on-boarding and more conversions to paying customers. Some other tips include grouping like ideas together and physically placing them close in proximity on the webpage, or even using directional symbols including arrows.


When a page visitor has a hard time surfing a particular website, you’ve already done yourself an injustice. In today’s fast-paced environment, if a user cannot obtain the information they seek quickly and easily, they will most certainly abandon ship and look to another website to find it.

  • To improve conversion rates, your website users must feel as though there is a natural flow to your website, from the navigational tools at the top of the pages to the overall design elements included.
  • Select font choices that are easily understandable, images and buttons that are not distracting and an overall style that is cohesive with your company fervor.
  • Look to some of your very own favorite websites to see what bare bones infrastructure elements you wish to emulate, whether it may be a blog, a publications or media page, etc.


Stale website information is an often overlooked mistake that can easily lead to better conversion rates if corrected. When the information on your website’s landing page, or any of the inner pages seems outdated, it can negatively impact your ability to connect with page visitors. Each visitor lost is a missed chance to make a connection and convert into a sale or paid account.

Not devoting enough time into keeping your website contemporary and your information current is a huge pitfall that may leave your visitors wondering whether you care enough about them.

  • This process does not have to be complicated or time consuming. By making it a simple routine chore to periodically add fresh new ideas and content to your website and maybe even catchy headlines will draw in visitors and make authentic connections that may lead to better conversion.
  • Adding a blog to your website can be a great way to keep your website fresh, with posts about current ongoings to invite visitors in for open discussion. Moreover, if you already have a blog, make sure to contribute frequent articles with real value to waken your senses and keep your company culture bright and unsullied.