As you begin to optimize your email marketing campaigns and learn some the structural aspects of email marketing, it has important to experiment with what is included in the content of the email. A quick way to leverage social media to help with this, is to use your Instagram photos to assist with promoting and engagement in the actual email. We will discuss 3 techniques to use your Instgram photos to improve your email campaigns:

Create an Instagram Photo of The Day

Create a series where you take a daily photo and accompany the photo with a written explanation or story behind the photo. Then provide a link to sign up for your newsletter to get more content from you. Additionally, you can then include that photo in the content of your email marketing communication. This is a great way to build up your Instagram following and turn them into a digital email asset for your business.

Leverage Instagram Videos

Create a brief 15 second video that previews what your blog post details or leads into your newsletter content. You can embed the video into your email marketing for the people who want a short crib notes version of your full blog post. Another effective idea, is to use the video that shows a product and then provide a discount code or link for consumers who sign up for your email newsletter.

Piggyback #Hashtags to Grow Your Email Subscribers

Look for popular hashtags that fit your industry and use them in all of your Instagram and email communication. By using these hashtags, your posts and work will get discovered by a larger audience and this will in turn help grow your email subscriber lists. Alternatively, you can include hashtags in your email marketing newsletter to continue to cross promote and brand your emails to fit your Instagram game.

By using a creative approach to Instagram, you can use this wonderful platform to enhance your email marketing and ultimately improve your business.


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