The savvy entrepreneur is well versed in the process of adding email addresses to a growing online list. When it comes to building an email list offline, some business owners draw a blank. In many cases, the direct approach seems pushy and does not fit the way the professional does business.

Three unconventional strategies allow you to build the email list offline without coming across as over-ambitious but rather by garnering this information in a much more organic manner.

  1. Convert your postal mail contacts. For a variety of reasons, you have some customers or clients who have given you their mailing addresses but not an email. Converting these customers to becoming email contacts is as easy as sending them a postcard with an invitation to sign up for your electronic newsletter. Promise a value such as the start of a five-part series dealing with an issue that primarily affects your targeted demographic.
  2. Host product demonstrations. Depending on your product, you can greatly enhance brand awareness among prospective buyers by hosting product demonstrations. Do them in front of your store, in a rented venue or by buying booth space at a local event. Have a sign-up sheet ready for audience members to jot down their email information.
  3. Advertise with a QR (quick response) code. Doing so is perhaps the most budget-friendly and long-lived campaign for building you email list offline. It does not require a direct customer engagement. This type of code is readable to consumers with smartphones. It features embedded information that leads these folks to a landing page you create. There, they can start their subscription to your newsletter or sign up to receive special offers that you send out weekly or monthly via email. Place posters with your QR code inside your venue; have them printed as vinyl window graphics or add them as spot graphics to your vehicle.

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