What typically happens to many businesses is that prospects will sign up for a free offer.  The business will send a series of follow-up emails, but the prospect won’t buy.  It doesn’t necessarily mean that the prospect is not interested, they’re just not ready to buy at that moment. 

For example, if a human resource manager signs up for a free demo of HR software, it doesn’t mean he’s going to buy the software one or two months from now.  He may not be ready to purchase it until the following year.  So, the HR software company wants to stay in touch with the HR manager by sending them a series of lead nurturing emails until they’re ready to buy.    

There are 3 types of emails you should send to nurture these leads.   


Tell A Story

The first email in the sequence should tell a story.  Here’s where you can share a customer success story or some other type of story or scenario on how your product or service helped solve one of your customers problems. 


Share Your Content

The next email should be pure content.  This is where you should share tips that will benefit your readers.  This can come from an article, a blog post, or an excerpt from a white paper or special report.  


Pitch Your Services

The third email you send is to make an offer.  Not an offer to buy, but an opportunity for the prospect to make a decision to try something for free.  You can ask them if they’d like a free consultation, a free demo, or would they like to speak to a sales person. 

Then you repeat this sequence again, tell a story, share your content, and pitch your services.  These can go on for months at a time until that prospect is sales ready. 

If you’d like to create a lead nurturing campaign that connects with your customers contact the team at RedCappi.