Email marketing is the most preferred way of marketing. By following a few tips and tricks, email marketers can improve open and click-through rates so that they can achieve targeted goals.

Tip 1: Use a Captivating and Personalized Subject Line

More than 80% of customers decide whether to open your email or not by looking at the subject line. Personalizing the subject line and providing captivating, correct and clear information is the right way to encourage your recipient to open the email. The subject line should be striking, clear and strongly inspiring, so that your email can stand out from rest of the emails. It is always good to avoid buzzwords in your subject line. Words like “Free,” “Sale,” or “Reminder” can create a negative effect.

Tip 2: Keep Information to a Minimum

Keeping information to a minimum is the best way to make sure you connect with your targeted audience and improve the click-through rate for email marketing. All the essential information should be present in the email. It is recommended that your email should contain all the required information, logo of the company, a nice and attractive image and correct contact information. By adding a custom line in your email, you can make sure that you connect to your customers correctly.

Tip 3: Announce Something New Each and Every Time

As an email marketer, if you wish to improve the open and click-through rate for your email marketing, then you need to make sure that you include something new in every email you send. You have to make the customer feel that they are special and they are the first to know the latest offering you have in store for them. In this way, you can keep the interest going and make them come back and buy your product or service.

By following these tips you can definitely improve the open and click-through rate for your email marketing.

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