3 Tips for Improving Email Marketing Open and Click Through Rates

Email marketing is a channel that provides one of the highest returns in all of digital marketing. It allows for businesses to build credibility with their audience over time, while delivering high quality information. However, as many businesses begin to try to enter into email marketing, they struggle with some of the basic concepts. To improve open and click through rates you must approach your emails as if you were the customer. The most important metric for email marketing is ensuring that your emails actually get opened and the links in the email clicked (click-through rate). Here are some basic tips you can follow to improve your email messaging open and click-through rates using RedCappis email marketing platform

Subject Lines that Pop

Your subject line will be the most important aspect of whether or not an email is opened by your subscribers. Additionally, personalizing the subject line with a first name or other identifier can drastically improve open rates. Try to choose subject lines that are provocative but in line with your brand voice.

Build Trust and Authority Before Selling

Of course all businesses want to leverage their email lists to improve revenue, but you should resist that temptation with your first few emails to your new subscribers. Try to deliver valuable information and build trust with your audience before trying to close the sale or offering products to your consumers.

Timing your Deployments

Although timing is not the most critical aspect in whether or not your email is opened and your links are clicked, it does play a critical role. It may require some initial experimentation but will pay off in the end. Try to time the deployment of your emails so that you are reaching your audience at the times they are most likely to open your email. Typical times that increase open rates include early in the morning, during lunch, or in the afternoon when your audience is off work.

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