Sending daily or weekly emails to your subscribers only to have them end up in the spam folder is every marketer’s worst fear. If your emails aren’t being seen, then all of your efforts in acquiring subscribers will be for naught. Here are three great tips for avoiding the spam and promotions folders.

Write Like An Acquaintance

Write your email as if you were writing one to a friend of yours. Avoid using over-hyped marketing terms and slogans. Keep your tone of voice casual. Try to limit your links in your emails. Consider cutting out the email signature at the bottom of the email or the various marketing logos you include; nobody sends those stuff to a friend. 

Make It Easy to Unsubscribe

You know what causes people to hit the spam button instead of unsubscribing? The frustration of clicking the unsubscribe link, only to be taken to a login page so that they can log in and go to their settings to change their email preferences. Just make it easy to unsubscribe with one click so that they can stop getting your emails if they choose to do so. Remember that if people start hitting the spam button, Gmail may soon start considering all of your emails as spam.

Meet Expectations

When people gave you their email address, did they know that you were going to start sending them weekly or daily marketing messages? If people don’t expect to hear from you, they may get annoyed and mark you as spam. Be clear from the beginning about how often you are going to email your subscribers so that they know what to expect and have a chance to unsubscribe if they don’t like the arrangement.

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