Email continues to succeed as a means of marketing for three key reasons: it is fast, free, and easily accessible. However, email campaigns cannot be successful without a healthy and accurate collection of email addresses. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to grow your email list organically while enhancing your brand professionally. Below are three simple ways to grow your email list organically and professionally. 

1) Sponsor an event at a professional meeting

Professional societies such as the American Bar Association (ABA), American Medical Association (AMA) and others have state and local chapters that often host annual meetings. If you target consumers who work within a certain field, contact their local office and inquire about whether you can sponsor an event or advertise your services at their next annual meeting. 

2) Expand your global trade show calendar

American trade shows offer an incredibly efficient means through which you can organically grow your email list. But some of the world’s largest trade shows are held overseas. As you review your trade show calendar for the upcoming year, consider exhibiting at some shows in Europe and Asia to increase your email address list.

3) Draw upon your LinkedIn contacts

With over 575 million registered members, LinkedIn offers a wealth of untapped contacts for your business. By spending just fifteen minutes each day expanding your business connections, you can easily expand your list of email contacts by at least 100 people per week.

The Bottom Line

A robust list of contacts is the key to a successful email campaign. By following the three tips above, you can expand your email list while also promoting your professional brand. We invite you to contact us at Redcappi to discover how we can help you uncover new ways to grow your email list and promote your business. We look forward to serving as your trusted email marketing resource!