No marketing budget to spare? We know… no problem!

Here are 3 real marketing strategies that are a great start to tackling your business’s marketing needs without breaking the bank. Because throwing your business’s marketing campaign on the back burner is truly a business risk you should not allow yourself to take. 

1. Get Involved With Other Blogs

What we mean by getting involved with other blogs is simply, study some arenas that genuinely appeal to you and the area your business is in. Start following some leading blogs that are authorities in your market and see the types of topics they raise for open discussion. You can also signup to subscribe to their blogs using your contact information and email address.

As you become engrossed in these leading blogs in your area, more likely than not, they will raise issues and begin to discuss hot topics that you may feel compelled to comment on. Go ahead! Lend your voice to reason and put words to writing, because you will be in contact essentially with your very own target audience.

As you become comfortable with this routine task of responding to comments on blogs, (and don’t be scared to disagree) you will leave a trail straight to your business’s door- who knows maybe your comments will spark someone’s interest in you and in your brand. Dare we say this is organic marketing at its finest.


  • Find blogs that are in your marketing arena and have reach into your target audience. 
  • Leave informational and useful comments in response to blog comments. Don’t be obvious with your strategy and plug your business every opportunity you get.
  • Add real value with your comments. Do research and be accurate. You are speaking directly to other businesses and experts in your very own market and your reputation is the first aspect of your brand.

2. Get Out There & Meet People

There’s no substitute quite like the timeless fall back of getting out there and traditionally marketing yourself by in-person meetings.

There are so many unique opportunities to meet and greet people beyond the routine events, mixers and conferences. Local meet-ups over finger foods, seasonal happy hours after work, specialty groups with weekly meetings, etc. can offer a wide array of opportunities to connect with others in a very personable way.

When you are in person, it is more natural to start conversation and then smooth your way into talking business, rather than a cold marketing call. The person on the other end of the receiver will probably be more inclined to hear what you have to say once they have met you and you have gotten them excited about your business motto or product.


  • Sign up to Meetup and join groups related to your business.
  • Try your local Chamber of Commerce for a list of upcoming events in your area. You can pick and choose events that fit into your work schedule that maybe do not require a hefty ticket to attend.
  • Always have your contact information readily available, with business cards at your fingertips.
  • Be approachable and personable when meeting people; not overly aggressive. Talk about yourself and your business with excitement and showcase your passion about it, but allow for conversation.

3. Use Social Media to Create Buzz

There’s some really fun and FREE ways to create buzz for your business on social media sites like Facebook or Yelp. You can try rewarding your clients for “checking in” with a discount or entry to a raffle or a free goodie.

Some small business owners may be weary of discounting products or services off the bat when they are cash strapped and hardly have a marketing budget, but it’s those very touches that leave a positive lasting impression on your customer base that keeps them coming back. A singular discount will help you generate not only repeat business, giving you a great return on investment, but better yet, positive word of mouth marketing- which is priceless!


  • Offer a free perk or discount to a local who “Checks in” on social media.
  • Offer a free perk or discount to customers who “Like,” “Follow,” and “Share” your business’ social media pages or posts.
  • Your perk or discount should be something of real value to encourage true interest.

Now that you have 3 real marketing go-to methods, there’s no reason not to begin your campaign immediately to put you on the grid. See which options will work best for you and start exploring how you can fine tune them to work for your particular needs.