With Spring in full bloom, businesses are looking to the seasons fresh new beginning to promote growth and longevity. The spring season introduces new opportunities to push forward, tons of marketing material for businesses across-the-lines as entrepreneurs and established businesses alike plan ahead for Summer 2015.

A huge part of growth and ultimate business success is to not become complacent in your efforts on development. Not asking the right questions or falling into the trap of becoming content with the influx of business is not enough to prolong your production. You will soon realize that by not devoting attention to growth, your business growth will eventually fall behind.

Here are 3 vital questions you should be asking yourself as your business continues to thrive.


The first question to ask is THE WHO? Who are my customers? Who is my audience? Who am I directing my marketing efforts towards and who am I planning on targeting? It would be a significant waste of resources to devote energy into creating, drafting and sending email campaigns that are unfocused and somewhat of a catch-all. Customers are smart and will quickly be turned off to your generic broad ploy to make a sale.

By knowing just who your target audience is, your growth would be optimized in terms of being able to tailor marketing to the specific needs of just that customer who really wants to hear from you.


The next question to ask is THE WHAT? What do my customers want? What does your readership expect to get from you? What types of marketing or information is it that speaks to your audience’s interests and needs?

By familiarizing yourself with your customers’ specific needs, you won’t be wasting time and money guessing and will be better suited to create marketing campaigns and reach out opportunities that address their individual interests optimized for success.


The third question is THE WHY?  Stopping momentarily to ask yourself why you are reflecting on your business marketing motto and strategizing for future growth is probably the most important of the three steps to securing continued success.

Reflecting inwards upon and evaluating your business goals, your own personal goals in relation and reconnecting with your original markers of success delineations may end up shedding more light on a concrete position of influence.

It may allow you to pinpoint areas that may be further developed and matured upon as a secret method for continued business growth.