As an email marketer, it is important for you to stay up to date with the latest email marketing trends. Here are three trends that you should consider employing for your own campaigns.


Send a Welcome Email


After a customer has signed up, you should send a welcome email within 48 hours of them signing up. This helps establish your relationship and increases the chance of converting them into a customer down the road.


Fix Up Your Previews


Your preview, or pre-header, is the small block of text that appears alongside your emails when all emails are listed, unopened, in the inbox. By carefully choosing the right enticing words and by avoiding “salesy” and spammy words, you can increase the chances of a conversion. You also have the option of hiding those preview words in the actual email, such that it doesn’t appear in the real email at all.


Automate Your Email Campaigns


Automating your email campaign not only makes it so much easier, it also has other benefits, such as increased conversions. You could use automation to send a welcome email, as stated above, and you can also use it to send a series of emails at different time periods. This is especially useful for sending out mini email courses, which help establish a long-term relationship with your subscriber. An email series helps build a relationship gradually, slowly building up your reader’s trust until they turn into a long term customer.


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