One of the most effective ways to increase conversions is by continuously tweaking and bettering your landing page and/or signup form. Here are three tips on how to optimize your signup form and landing page to increase conversions and attract more business.


Optimize Your Landing Page for SEO


There are many people who rely on internal website traffic or paid advertisements to drive traffic to their landing page, where they hope to snag their visitor and turn them into a paid customer. It is true that this is an effective way to drive traffic to your landing page. However, you should not ignore organic traffic. Your landing page likely also attracts visitors through Google, Yahoo, and Bing. If you want to increase your conversions, you should tweak your keywords that you use on your landing page. It could be that by targeting a slightly different audience you will drastically increase your conversions.


Use Call Us Ads


Instead of relying solely on your landing page to bring in customers, why not use “Call Us” ads and banners? If you have a website or blog that has a decent amount of traffic, using plain ads that simply say “Call Us” and that provide your contact information can increase conversions.


Let Your Visitors Know How Much You Respect Their Privacy


When using a signup form that requires your visitors to enter sensitive or private information, even if it’s just their email address, make it clear that you respect their privacy. You can include a statement to that effect or even include a link to your privacy policy.


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