A Foolproof Formula for Effective Welcome Emails


Studies show that welcome emails get opened and read much more than other types of communications. Yet, many companies still don’t send welcome emails or don’t make the most of this opportunity. Find out more about this simple step that can help engage your newest customers.

Act fast:

With the automation options available today, there’s no reason to keep your customers waiting for their welcome email. Send them out the same day while their enthusiasm is at its peak, and they’re eager for more information. Prompt communication shows you value their business.

Personalize it:

At a minimum, make sure the subject line makes it clear that this is a welcome email and use their name in the greeting if possible. This is also a good time to start segmentation so you can refer to the products or content that they were viewing.

Encourage them to take action:

Do you have a call to action? Maybe you want to suggest more content for them to read. Maybe you want to invite them to follow you on social media. In any case, you want them to add you to their safe senders list to avoid having your emails wind up in the spam folder.

Remember an unsubscribe link:

On the other hand, not every relationship was meant to be. For the sake of spam laws and your own deliverability rates, make it easy for newcomers to unsubscribe if they want to.

Create a series:

You don’t want to go overboard, but you do want to stay visible. Ask newcomers to provide information to complete their profiles. Send them coupons for subsequent purchases. Let them know about your referral program and other ways to earn rewards.

Use this foolproof formula to write welcome emails that guide your customers toward taking the next step in building a rewarding relationship with your company. For more information about how our email marketing software can boost your business, contact us at RedCappi today.