We’re all incredibly proud of what we achieved here at redcappi in 2016, and receiving our latest round of awards is a great honor!  It’s not everyday that you receive awards from reputable independent online review company like Finances Online, so we’re very proud to announce that we did just that.  Most of all, we want to say thank you to our existing customers because without them, we never would have received these awards.  We were also happy to find out that RedCappi was listed among the most popular marketing solutions selected by FinancesOnline experts.  Read on to see a summary of the exciting awards we received:


redcappi 2016 Supreme Email Marketing Software Award

1. 2016 Supreme Software Award.

This award was given for redcappi’s high quality of service.  We’re honored to receive this because delivering great customer service is very important to us.  The following quote comes from finances online’s review of redcappi.  “RedCappi earned this recognition for our email marketing software because of its simplicity, and special emphasis placed on optimized deliverability, tracking, and autoresponders. We are positive that winning this award will be an even stronger incentive for the company to develop their traditional ‘complex simplicity’ policy.”


redcapi wins 2016 email marketing software awards






2. 2016 Expert’s Choice Award.

This award was given for redcappi’s ability to provide great service to email marketing software customers across the globe. Furthermore, we hope to continue this pattern by providing solid & efficient solutions to our valued customers.


redcappi wins 2016 email marketing software awards

3.  2016 Great User Experience Award.  

The following sentence takes a quote from finances online.  “Our review team was impressed with the simple and intuitive interface of the app, as well as an extraordinarily well-rated user experience. The app allows even the tech-savviest people to get hands around it in no time and the features it offers are a great way to enhance and speed up all typical processes associated with email marketing. ”

If you’d like to take a look at Finances Online’s review of redcappi’s email marketing software, please click here to learn more.  If you’d like to learn more about redcappi’s email marketing software, please click here.

About redcappi: redcappi is email marketing software so easy a baby can use it.  Our easier to learn & use email marketing software platform makes life easier for small business owners and email marketers.  This way they can be more efficient and effective in their jobs.  Redcappi serves over 10,000 customers worldwide and processes millions of emails per week.

About Finances Online:Finances Online is the fastest growing independent review platform for B2B, SaaS and financial solutions.  Their mission is to help business owners find the best solution or product to fit their needs.  They also provide vendors with an effective way to find potential clients.